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Updated December 8, 2009

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28th of January, The Am
40 Miles from Georgetown Without any Whiskey 
A Rose for Polly G
Angeline the Baker D
Arkansas Traveler D
Ash Grove, The G
Avalon Quickstep D
Ballydesmond Polka Am
Barlow Knife (3P) G
Benton’s Dream A
Big Eyed Rabbit 
Big Sciota G
Bile Them Cabbage Down A
Bill Cheatham A
Billy in the Lowground C
Black River 
Black-eyed Susan D
Blue Ridge Mountain Blues G
Boatman (3P) A
Bob Tailed Mule (aka Buckin’ Dun) 
Bob Taylor’s March D
Boil Them Cabbage Down A
Bonaparte Crossing the Rhine D
Bonaparte’s Retreat D
Booth Shot Lincoln A
Bound To Have A Little Fun G
Breakin’ Up Christmas A
Briar Picker Brown D
Camp Meeting on 4th of July D
Campbell's Farewell to Red Gap A-mx
Can you Dance a Tobacco Hill D
Cherokee Shuffle D
Chilly Winds A
Chinese Breakdown C
Chinquapin Hunting (3P) A
Cigarette Reel 
Cluck Old Hen A-m 
Cold Frosty Mornin' A-m 
Colored Aristocracy G
Coon on a Rail G
Cora Dye G
Country Waltz 
Cousin Sally Brown G
Cripple Creek A
Crow Creek A
Cumberland Gap G
Cutting at the Point A
Dennis Murphy’s Polka D
Diamond Joe 
Dill Pickle Rag G
Don Tremaines Reel D
Dry & Dusty D
Ducks on a Millpond D
Dusty Miller D
Ebenezer G
Elk River Blues (1P) G
Elzics Farewell (2P/3P ABAC) A
Farewell Trion C
Fish Upon a Hook A
Flop-Eared Mule G
Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss D
Flying Cloud Cotillion G
Folding Down the Sheets 
Footprints in the Snow C
Forked(y) Deer D
Fortune D
Ft. Smith Breakdown 
Garfield's Blackberry Blossom A
Garfield’s March A
Georgia Railroad A
Girl I Left Behind Me G
Goin’ Across the Sea 
Goin’ Down the River A
Going Across the Sea 
Going Down a Georgia Row 
Golden Slippers D
Goldrush A
Goodbye Liza Jane A
Grand Picnic D
Grasshopper Sittin' on a Sweet Potato Vine 
Greasy Coat A-m
Green Willis
Hangman’s Reel (4P) A
Hard Times D
Hosses in the Cane Break G
How Many Biscuits Can You Eat D
Hunting the Buffalo A
Jack of Diamonds A
Jenny Lynn G
John Brown’s Dream (3P) A
John Ryan’s Polka D
Johnny Don’t Get Drunk D
Johnson Boys G
Josey-O G
Josie Girl (3P) G
Julianne Johnson
June Apple A
Katy Bar the Door D
Kingdom Coming D
Kitchen Girl A-m
Leather Britches G
Lee Highway Blues (4P) A
Liberty D
Little Billy Wilson (3 P) A
Little Dutch Girl A
Little Liza Jane A
Little Rabbit (5 P) A
Liza Jane G
Log Chain D
Lost Indian (1P) A
Margaret's Waltz A
Martha Campbell D
Methodist Preacher G
Midnight on the Water D
Miss McLeod's Reel G
Molly Put the Kettle On D
Morgan Megan G
Nail That Catfish To A Tree G
Natural Bridge Blues A
Needle Case 
New 5 Cent Piece D
North Carolina Breakdown G
Oh, My Little Darlin’ A
Old Bunch of Keys A
Old Granny Blair G
Old Melinda (3P) 
Old Molly Hare D
Old Mother Flanagan A
Old Piss D
Old Yeller Dog 
Ook Pik Waltz G
Ora Lee G
Over the Hill, Sally Ann (3P) D
Over the Waterfall D
Paddy Won’t you Drink Some Cider
Possum up a ‘Simmon Tree 
Rachel D
Ragtime Annie 
Red Apple Rag G
Red Haired Boy A
Red Lick D
Redwing G
Rochester Schottische D
Rock the Cradle, Joe D
Rock the Cradle, Lucy D
Roll 'em Boys G
Roscoe G
Run, Johnny Run D
Rye Straw D
Rye Whiskey G
Sadie at the Back Door D
Sail Away Ladies G
Saint Anne's Reel D
Sal's Got Mud Between Her Toes D
Sally Ann D
Salt Creek A
Sandy Boys A
Sandy River Belle 
Sara Armstrong D
Seneca Square Dance G
Shoo Fly D
Shooting Creek D
Shove The Pigs Foot A Little Closer to the Fire
Single Footing Horse D
Soldier’s Joy D
Sourwood Mountain
Spotted Pony D
Spring Creek Gals D
Squirrel Heads & Gravy G
Star of Bethlehem 
Stay All Night (Waterbound) 
Step Around Johnny D
Stones Rag C
Stoney Point (3Pt) 
Stump Tailed Dog G
Sugar Hill D
Sugar in the Gourd A
Sullivans Hollow D
Sweet Jenny 
Sweet Little Liza Jane A
Sweet Marie 
Swingin' on a Gate G
Tea Bag Blues G
Tennessee Wagoner C
Texas Gales (3P) 
Three Thin Dimes (3P) A
Too Young to Marry D
Twin Sisters D
Twinkle Little Star G
Two O'Clock in the Morning' G
Valley Forge (3 P) D
Waiting for Nancy D
Waiting for the Federals G
Walkin’ in the Parlor D
Walking In My Sleep G
Waltz of the Little Girls D
Washington’s March D
Waterbound A
Waynesboro G
Westfork Gals D
Westphalia Waltz G
Whiskey Before Breakfast D
Wild Rose of the Mountain A
Wind that Shakes the Barley D
Wink the Other Eye 
Yellow Barber D
Yellow Rose of Texas 




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