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If you'd like our news and announcements and would also like to participate in friendly talk about matters relating to old-time music, this is the list for you.

FRIENDS is a two-way email list and subscribers can pose questions to the group, answer questions posed by others, or just generally contribute to the flow of information. You'll get more NOTSBA mail and be part of the casual conversation and discussions.

If you want just the official announcements, schedule items, news, etcetera and don't want the discussions, then this is the list for you.

ANNOUNCEMENTS is a one-way list, not a public discussion list. Any responses go back only to NOTSBA, not to other individuals subscribed to the list. You'll get less mail from NOTSBA and miss the casual conversations and discussions.


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  Other lists:
If your interest is limited to getting the registration form and flyer for Breaking Up Winter, our annual old-time retreat, this list will work for you.

BUW is a one-way email list and subscribers receive information and can respond, but their responses to go NOTSBA volunteers and not to everybody on the list.

MEMBERS - This is a one-way list for announcements from NOTSBA to members in good standing. Subscriptions are managed adminstratively by NOTSBA. For further information, email Ron Whitlow.

PERFORMANCE GROUP - This list is for members of the NOTSBA Performance Group, which works out specific song lists and sets for public performances other than jams. Any NOTSBA member can become a member of the Performance Group. Subscriptions are managed adminstratively by NOTSBA. For further information, email Don Kent.


* These links take you to pages for each specific list where you can subscribe, unsubscribe, create or change a password, select delivery options, etcetera.


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