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Updated January 22, 2011

Music Online

Tunes -
Listen & Learn

For now, we have four key features of interest that we hope will inspire you to listen more, to play more, and to encourage others to join you in the circle.

  1. Tune Packages - These include notation, midi, and MP3 by NOTSBA member Ray Mathes. These are transcriptions as Ray hears them of recordings from NOTSBA jams. teaching sessions by advanced NOTSBA fiddlers, or from listening to professional recordings.

  2. Tune of the Month - Also from Ray's transcriptions. The purpose here is to present a tune that will be taught at the First Monday Jam and, hopefully, that everybody might woodshed on throughout the month.

  3. The Jukebox - An online jukebox of recordings straight from NOTSBA jam sessions over the years, arranged alphabetically. These recordings are raw and put you right in the jam circle.

  4. Old-time Online Videos - We are collecting and embedding favorite old-time videos string band music from public sources on the Internet. We are pulling the collection together here — with permission from sources like YouTube, GoogleVideo, and FabChannel — to make it even easier for our members to find great performances of old-time string band music.


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