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Page updated January 11, 2011

Area Old-Time Music Teachers

If you are a participant in NOTSBA and would like to recommend a teacher, send the information to


If you are a teacher of Old-Time Music and have students who participate in NOTSBA, encourage them to recommend you for inclusion on this list.

Featured Teacher: Wes Langlois

Wes Langlois has been playing many types of music on many instruments for a long time.
A native of Nashville, Wes spent several years learning the many guitar styles that make up old-time music.
From Riley Puckett bass run style stringband guitar to Ragtime finger-picking and Western Swing closed chord styles, Wes has studied the traditional American guitar in great depth.


Old-time guitar backup with bass runs
(Accompanying fiddler Kristin Weber.)

Demonstration of ragtime finger-style.

If you are a NOTSBA member and a teacher of old-time music, please contact about supplying information for consideration as a featured teacher.

By First Name
By Instrument
Dave Wascher
  • Fiddle
  • Mandolin
Gretchen Priest-May
  • Fiddle
Jim Wood
  • Fiddle
  • Mandolin
  • Guitar
Kristin Weber
  • Fiddle
Megan Lynch
  • Fiddle
Roland White
  • Mandolin
  • Guitar
Steven Seifert
  • Dulcimer
Todd Wright
  • Banjo
Wes Langlois
  • Guitar
NOTSBA does not endorse or promote any specific teacher. This list is offered based on suggestions from NOTSBA members.