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Updated May 5, 2011

Old-Time Music Link Categories

If you have links and sites to recommend, send an email to

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Essays & Academics

  • Public Domain - A researched listing of tunes and songs believed to be public domain

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Lyrics Online

  • The Songs He Sang - Lyrics to old-time songs sung by Cisco Houston

  • Bluegrass Lyrics - Contrary to the title, many if not most are old-time

  • Popular Songs in American History - Great site by Leslie Nelson, aka "The Contemplator", that provides midi files, lyrics, and background information on songs popular from the 1600's to about 1900.

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Downloadable Music

There are many tunes to download here in our Jukebox, Tunes, and Tune of the Month pages.

In addition, some other great sources include:

  • Pegram Jam - Six years of weekly old-time jams recorded. Searchable index. Charts.

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Online old-time music Webcasts

  • Pandora - Set up your own free radio station - specificy old-time tunes or musicians
  • WDVX- Traditional music radio station from Knoxville online

In addition, many of the instrument-specific sites listed here have online music you can play and sometimes download.


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Discussion Groups Online

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Online Magazines and News Sites

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Players and performers

If you are new to old-time, or just looking for ideas about who to listen to, here's a list of names you can plug in at Rhapsody, iTunes, Pandora, or your favorite online source.

If you have suggestions, let us know by writing to webmaster @

Alan Jabbour
Alice Gerrard
Art Stamper
Bascom Lamar Lunsford
Benton Flippen
Bib City Ramblers
Bob Carlin
Bruce Greene
Buddy Thomas
Butch Baldassari
Cathy Fink
Charlie Poole
Clarence "Tom" Ashley
Clark Kessinger
Clyde Davenport 
Dan Gellert
David Holt
Dirk Powell
Doc Boggs
Doc Watson
Ernest Stoneman
Erynn Marshall
Fog Horn String Band
Fred Cockerham
Fuzzy Mountain String Band
Hazel Dickens
Highwoods Stringband
Hobard Smith
James Bryan 
Jim Griffith
John Salyer
JP Fraley 
JP Fraley 
Ken Perlman
Ken Waldman
Mac Benford
Mike Seeger
Mississippi Sheiks
New Lost City Ramblers
Norman Blake 
Norman Blake 
Owen "Snake" Chapman
Paul David Smith
Ralph Blizard
Raymond Fairchild
Riley Puckett
Snuffy Jenkins
The Charles River Valley Boys
The Dry Branch Fire Squad
The Original Red Clay Ramblers 
The Skillet Lickers
The Tune Dogs
Tom Adams
Tom, Brad, and Alice
Tommy Jarrell
Wayne Erbsen

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Period Clothing and Accessories

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Instrument Sales/Luthiers

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Link Collections

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Tablature, notation, charts

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Audio Tools You Can Use

ABC Tools

Use ABC software to turn midi files into notation or tab.

Amazing Slow-Downer

Use this to slow tunes down to learning space, mark off sections to repeat as you play along.


Use TEF software to turn midi files into notation or tab.