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Updated April 1, 2014


There are options for all:

  • cabins
  • bunkhouse lodge
  • campground
  • area motels


Cabins by Lottery - .

Only a few cabins are available, and they are allocated by lottery. To enter, watch for the 2015 registration form and send it by the announced deadline for BUW '20.

The lottery winners get the right to rent cabins for Friday and Saturday nights. They can add Thursday for an additional charge. Each cabin has three double beds, one in each of the two bedrooms and one in the loft. Kitchens are complete with cookware; all linens and heat are included.

However . . . if you don’t initially get a cabin, we can, at your request, hold your check to keep you on the waiting list. If there cancellations by any of the lottery winners, we will notify those on the waiting list in the order they appear in the lottery results.

Your payment must accompany your cabin lottery request.

Group Lodge

Two huge rooms each contain many bunk beds and adjoin the dining hall / kitchen where our meals are prepared and served.

The sleeping areas (one for night owls, the other for early birds) are not gender-specific, but the bathrooms and showers are.

Bring your own bedding and towels.

Earplugs are advised for light sleepers.

Group lodge is $12 per night, available from Thursday through Saturday nights, payable in advance.


There are spaces for RVs as well as tents.

Call 615-443-2769, the Cedars of Lebanon State Park office, to reserve your spot.

If the weather is dry, registrants may tent camp in the open area behind the Nature Center.


Reserve early.

Lebanon at I-40, 7 miles north, has several motels. Comfort Inn and Suites and Econo Lodge offer discounts to us.

For information about bed & breakfasts in the area or locally-owned accommodations, contact the Lebanon Chamber of Commerce at
615-444-5503, or visit

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