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**Updated April 1, 2014 **

19th Annual

Breakin' Up Winter

March 6-9, 2014


It was a grand old-time gathering of old-time music lovers from around the country who came to learn, jam, dance, sing, hike, eat, and just sit round talking about and enjoying the music we all love.

The weekend was full of music, food, friends, and our annual Roots of Old-Time Music presentations.

Presenters and performers included:

    • Alice Gerrard
    • Franklin George
    • Alan Jabbour
    • George Gruhn
    • John Harrod
    • Ken Perlman
    • Jeff Todd Titon
    • Bill Mansfield
    • Joyce and Jim Cauthen
    • Martin Fisher
    • Bob White
    • Lisa Ingram & Betty Westmoreland
    • Roby Cogswell
    Breaking Up Winter is supported in part by a generous grant from

We do this every year in early March. Attendees commune with nature in this beautiful park and they commune with fellow old-timers in a weekend filled with activities to keep fingers flying and toes tapping.

  • Friday as always was our Roots of Old Time Music day, with lectures and presentations along with the presentation of our annual Heritage Award, which went this year to Alice Garrard.
  • Cylinder recording sessions
  • Workshops
  • John Hatton's immense collection of hard-to-find old-time music CDs
  • Jamming, jamming, and more jamming
  • And great food from our caterer, The Mad Platter.

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